The foundation of the temple dates back to 1798, when it was renovated. It is located in the North East Central City and in the “Giftika” area on the road that leads to the former orchard of Kusoula.

This parish church is known, since those times, as “Three Churches”, because the memory of the Three Saints is honored. That is, Saint Barbara, Saint Nicholas and St. Savvas. Later they all know it as Papadamianou’s “Saint Barbara”. It is a large enclosed church, a basilica with a wooden tiled roof. It is spacious with a kneeling Despotic throne, a curved temple and woodcut artwork of marvelous art.

The magnificent bell tower is restored at the expense of Dora Gardiki-Damianou, wife of Count George Tziliana Piazza and kept in good shape. Of course, the Gardiki and Kokkos families have always been warmly helped by the Church of St. Barbara.