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Welcome to LivinHydra Luxury Apartments. Never miss a beat. Experience Hydra

Four luxury apartments, available together or separately, just 3 minutes walk from the port with no steps to climb, offer a quiet respite just around the corner from everything.

Mandraki (MIRAMARE)

This is one of the few true beaches of Hydra. It is a pebble organised beach with clear waters which offers various water sports equipment for hire (such as windsurf, water-ski, beach volley, etc…) and a view over the Peloponnese. Mandraki is also known as Miramare, from the resort hotel located over the beach. It can be reached by 35 minutes walking from the main harbour or by taxi-boat (10 minutes).


Avlaki is consisting of a few small stretches of pebble forming a tiny beach. It can be reached from stone steps from Spilia Beach. It can be reached by 5 minutes walking

Agios Nikolaos

Located on Hydra’s west coast, Agios Nikolaos is a beautiful beach accessible only by boat. If one takes a taxi-boat to reach the beach, he has to be sure to arrange the return trip.


Spilia (Cave) is a rocky area nearby the main harbour where the grey crags have been blasted and laid with cement which is forming sun decks.The water is clear and of a nice deep blue colour. It can be reached by 5 minutes walking.


Hydronetta is a rocky swimming area with cemented sun decks and profound blue waters.
It is a very popular place because of the bar hanging from the rocks, playing relaxing ambience music 20 hours a day and offering one of the most magnificent view over the sea and the surrounding islands It can be reached by 5 minutes walking


Situated between Vlihos and Hydra Town, Kamini is a small fishing port surrounded by a few fish taverns; the small area is called Mikro Kamini (Small Kamini.) It can be reached by 25 minutes walking

Vlyhos Beach

Also one of the few true beaches of Hydra, Vlyhos Beach situated in the little resort of the same name. It is a small pebble beach with crystal-clear waters. A few taverns are available near the beach.

Vlychos beach can be reached by a 40 minutes walk from the harbour or 20 minutes by taxi- boat.


This small beautiful beach is run by the diving centre of Hydra but it can be used even without participating in the sportive activities which are kayak, snorkel and scuba dive.

It is accessible only by boat.


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