The MansionLivinHydra

Live in a superior Hydrean mansion, fully renovated to luxury standards. Indulge yourself and experience Hydra the way its meant to be experienced. The property consists of 3 independent and fully equipped apartments of 65 sqm each, able to accommodate up to 12 people, a large private garden and two balconies with town views. Located on a quiet residential street with no steps to climb, just around the corner from everything. Book now.

Experience Hydra like its meant to be experienced. Superior private accommodation in a traditional manor, fully renovated to luxury standards in the heart of Hydra’s Town.

Never Miss A BeatLivinHydra
Another great reason to leave your home.

NO NOISE POLLUTION: The island does not have an airport. Private vehicles or motorbikes are not permitted and there are no roads suitable for bus transport.

NO INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION:As the economy of Hydra consists of light tourism, traditional crafts, fishing and farming, there are virtually no activities taking place that pollute the environment. 

UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE: You will not find anywhere else in Greece such a concentration of gracious 18th and 19th century architecture.

ART: All of the above features, plus a favourable climate and the natural beauty of the island attract prominent artists, writers and other creative people.

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    Lavish accommodation in the heart of Hydra, private flourishing garden, balconies with town views and no steps to climb.